Make EVERYDAY An Outside Day

Outside Day

Friday, April 29th, 2016 

Theme:     STREAM in Steppe 

Our overall purpose is to prepare for our overnight rafting trips with Wild Science Explorers on the Snake River.  We will start our river adventures at Celebration Park and then 11 miles later we'll be taking out and spending the night at Celebration Park.  STREAM is STEM with the humanities (reading & the arts) included and steppe represents the sagebrush steppe through which the Snake River canyon passes. Our goal is to inspire young people to go on to college by introducing them to the professionals who work on and near the river and letting them share their stories and research studies first hand. Outside Day 2016 will help introduce students to the things they will experience on the Snake River in September and October, 2016.

LocationDiscovery Park State Park, east of Boise, Idaho on HWY 21 below Lucky Peak

Weather Forecast:  A perfect Outside Day, cool in the morning and mid 70's by afternoon


  Time                                                                     Activities

   8 AM                                                     TREE students leave Timberline High School

8:30 AM                                              AVID Students Leave West & South Junior Highs

9:00 AM                                                                   AVID Students Arrive

9:00 -- 9:45                                                        Welcome & Introductions

                        9:45 -- 10:20                                                                          Activity 1- Rafting

                        10:20 -- 10:25                                                                         Passing Time

                          10:25 -- 10:55                                                                      Activity 2- Fire Ecology

                          10:55 -- 11:00                                                                          Passing Time

                          11:00 -- 11:30                                                                       Activity 3- Snake River Watershed

                          11:30 -- 12:25                                         No Host Lunch with special guest speakers

                          12:25 -- 12:30                                                                     Passing Time

                          12:30 -- 1:00                                                                           Activity 4- River Base Camp

                           1:00 -- 1:05                                                                            Passing Time

                           1:05 -- 1:35                                                                             Activity 5- Nature Hike

                           1:35 -- 2:05                                                                    Closing Ceremony 

                                 2:05                                                             Avid Buses Leave Discovery Park

                           2:05-2:30                                                    Clean-up & Wrap-up with TREE Leaders

                                2:30                                                            TREE bus Leaves Discovery Park


AVID students at South will be led through the stations by student leaders from Timberline's TREE Club. 

Let's Make Outside Day 2016 the Best Ever.

A very special thanks to Surat Nicol, Assistant Manager / Ranger at Lucky Peak, (Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation)


*  *  *

Outside Day was created in 2008 by Dick Jordan, a former AP Environmental Science teacher in Boise Idaho, to get students outdoors as mentors and to invite in community leaders to share their expertise and passion for our precious resources.